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iApp AI APIs

We are striving to make the intuitive AI APIs (especially for South-east Asian NLP) for any software developers and interested party to effortlessly use our AIs on their projects, services or products. Visit https://ai.iapp.co.th for more information.


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For developers, who want to add AI capabilities into their software, Our product is a AI APIs platform that provides NLP, Vision, Speech and Language AIs. Unlike Google AIs, Our product is mainly focus on South-east Asian applications.


Q1 2022
  • Developed 12-most needed, AI APIs Services for Thailand Context (initial).
    • National ID Card OCR
    • Text to Speech
    • Automatic Speech Recognition
    • Question Answering System
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Face AI
    • Water Meter OCR
    • Power Meter OCR
    • Document OCR
    • Noise Suppression
    • Automatic Question Generator
    • Background Image Remover
  • AI APIs Demo and API Key Portal System.
  • AI APIs purchase and payment.
  • Thai version AI APIs website.
  • English version AI APIs website.
  • Completed all documentation.
  • Ticket and Support System
  • Integrate AI documentation and the example code into AI APIs website.
  • Example Github repository
  • Python library for calling iApp API (Released on Pip)
  • NodeJS library for calling iApp API (Released on NPM)
  • Java library for calling iApp API (Released on Gradle)
  • C# library for calling iApp API (Released on Microsoft Dependency Tools)
Q2 2022
  • Chrome plugin for TTS and ASR.
  • Mobile App in iOS and Android for Vision AIs.
  • Youtube Channels with Tutorials for using AI APIs
  • Release 9 new AIs
    • Thai Book Bank OCR
    • Thai Text Summarization
    • Passport OCR
    • Thai House Registration OCR
    • Thai Driver License OCR
    • Text to Speeches
      • Cambodian Text to Speech
      • Lao Text to Speech
      • Myanmar Text to Speech
      • Malay Text to Speech
  • SOTA On-Premise solutions
    • National ID Card OCR
    • Face AI
    • License Plate Recognition
    • TTS/ASR for Robots
    • Document OCR with E-Document Capability
    • Chatbot Engines

iApp Technology

iApp Technology is a AI Startup located in Bangkok, Thailand provides various AI API services focusing on Thai Natural Language Processing (Thai NLP) in Image, Text, and Speech mediums. We have the following API services.
  • Vision AI
    • Thai National ID Card OCR
    • Thai License Plate Recognition
    • Thai/English Document OCR
    • Face Recognition & Face Verification System specifically trained on massive Thai and Asian Faces.
  • Text AI
    • Thai Automatic Question Answering System
    • Thai Chatbot Engine
    • Thai Automatic FAQ Generator (Knowledge Chatbot Engine)
  • Speech AI
    • Thai/English Text to Speech
    • Thai Speech to Text Engine
    • Wakeword Recognition\

Company Home Page

You can view our business and pricing from our company homepage. https://iapp.co.th
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