Passport OCR
iApp Passport OCR automatically extract the recognize the passport page and optically recognize the Machine readable passport (MRZ) data (the two lines at the button of the page) data from a scanned passport OCR image.
An example profile page in an example passport (Found publicly on the internet)
iApp's passport OCR perform the optical character recognition on the above image and extract the MRZ data as follows.
The example JSON output from our system.
"check_composite": "0",
"check_date_of_birth": "2",
"check_expiration_date": "7",
"check_number": "0",
"check_personal_number": "7",
"country": "UKR",
"date_of_birth": "910824",
"expiration_date": "230925",
"method": "direct",
"mrz_type": "TD3",
"nationality": "UKR",
"number": "XX000000",
"personal_number": "1234567890",
"raw_text": "P<UKRTKACHENKO<<MARIANAK<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<\nXXOO0000<OUKR9108242F23092571234567890<<<<70",
"sex": "F",
"surname": "TKACHENKO",
"type": "P",
"valid_composite": false,
"valid_date_of_birth": true,
"valid_expiration_date": true,
"valid_number": false,
"valid_personal_number": true,
"valid_score": 61
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