History/Change Logs

Version 3.4

Released on 1 September 2021 Overall Accuracy = 93.25%

New Features

  1. 1.
    Users now can select desirable text fields that they actually want to perform OCR (which make OCR process faster), by specify in "/config/fields.txt" (On-premise version) or specify as parameters in URL requests (On-Cloud version) which support following fields.
Fields Name
Fields Description
13 Digits National ID Card Number
Thai person name
English person first name
English person last name
Thai date of birth
English date of birth
Thai Address
Thai Religion
ID Card's Issued Date in Thai Date Format (B.E.)
ID Card's Issued Date in English Date Format (A.D.)
ID Card's Expired Date in Thai Date Format (B.E.)
ID Card's Expired Date in English Date Format (A.D.)
2. Every OCR result of a 13-digits "id number" field is now validated with the last digit checksum rules. If the validation failed, the error_message will notify the invalid result. 3. User now can config that the OCR should either accept the black/white picture, color picture and gray scale picture. 4. Our OCR now can support .heic and .heif file extension but limit only for On-Premise.

Bugs Fixed

1. Better Queue Management is implemented, less "Server is busy" 530 error message. 2. Abbreviation of April in Thai is wrongly misspell to "ม.ย.", We fixed it to "เม.ย.". 3. Fix OCR output that wrongly split two-character alphabets to two alphabets, such as "อ|๐|า" -> "อ|ำ" and "เ|เ|อ" -> "แ|อ". 4. Add more Thai name initials vocabulary (Thai military ranks). 5. Improve model by 0.5% (92.75% -> 93.25%)

Version 3.1-3.3

Internally released for closed-beta to increase the accuracy. Released during May-July 2021 Overall Accuracy = 92.75%

Version 3.0

Released on 14 February 2021. Overall Accuracy = 91.75%

Version 2.0

  • Add Backcard OCR.
Released on 1 February 2020 Overall Accuracy = 85%

Version 1.0

Released on 1 November 2019 Overall Accuracy = 76%
  • First initial version
  • Support Only Front Card


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