(English) Connecting with Facebook Messenger

The process of integrating ChochaeGPT with Facebook Messenger is straightforward. Once set up, ChochaeGPT can automatically respond to your business customers' inquiries through Facebook Messenger by utilizing OpenAI's ChatGPT technology and the knowledge stored in your library. With this integration, you can quickly and accurately address your customers' concerns and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Official Page

(If you already have a Facebook page, you can skip to the next step)

  1. Click to choose the type of page

  2. Set the page name

  3. Select a category

  4. Click 'Create Page'

Step 2: Create a Facebook App for ChochaeGPT

2.1) Go to Facebook for Developers (https://developers.facebook.com) and log in with your Facebook account.

2.2) Click on 'My Apps.' When clicked, it will display the Apps page.

2.3) Click 'Create New App.' When clicked, it will display the 'Create an app' page.

2.4) On the 'Create an app' page, choose the type of app as 'Other.'

2.5) Select the type of app and click 'Next.'

2.6) Fill in the details of the app.

2.7) After successfully creating the app, it will display the app's dashboard page.

Step 3: Configure Webhook Connection and Messenger

3.1) On the app's dashboard page, scroll down the screen to find the Messenger menu.

3.2) In the Messenger menu, click on 'Set up.'

3.3) After clicking 'Set up,' it will display the Messenger API Configuration page.

3.4) Set up Webhooks.

*If there is an error during token verification and saving, please check on the ChochaeGPT web page. Verify that the Facebook Webhooks and Facebook Verify Token information matches, then click 'Save' again.

3.5) Create an access token

Step 4: Connecting Success

After successfully configuring, send a test message to the connected Facebook Page to verify.

You can download the Facebook Messenger connection guide at https://storage.googleapis.com/ai-api/AI%20API%20Image/Connecting%20FB%20Messenger%20(Eng)).pdf

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