AI compares selfie photo and ID card photo for KYC.

INPUT = 1 ID card picture (Large picture) and 1 Selfie picture of ID card holder (Small picture).

OUTPUT = Checking that large and small picture on ID card (Selfie) are the same person or not.

The system will identify all picture and authenticate that pictures are the same person.

  • Applicable for JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

  • Picture size must be 600 px width X 400 px height

  • Picture size must not exceed 2 MB

  • Return JSON Response

  • Restore confidence at any time (Confidence Level).

  • On Cloud / On Premise REST API Server

  • Accuracy

    • False Rejection Rate (FRR < 3%)

    • False Acceptance Rate (FAR < 0.1%)

  • No data collection after processing (according to the GDPR).

    Able to process within 0.1 second

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