Our Face Recognition System has the following features.

  • Supports JPG, JPEG and PNG file format.

  • Supports face recognition for one face as well as multiple faces in a single image. (In order for the system to work, at least one face should be present on the input image.)

  • Image size should be at least 600 pixels width and 400 pixels height for one person and multiple people For the face crop, image should be at least 112 pixels width and height and should be square image.

  • Image size must not exceed 2 Megabytes.

  • Be able to customize the company score for Face Recognition System

    • Detection score for extract face feature.

    • Comparison score between face feature of person in image and face feature in database of Face Recognition System.

  • Be able to export and import the feature file of company in CSV format (Comma-Separated Value Format)

  • REST API server.

  • Using the face feature in numeric in array format for processing without storing the personal image.

The following are all data in response.

  • Name of the person in image.

  • The bounding box of face in image, with the values of x min, x max, y min and y max.

  • The feature of face in array in text format.

  • The score of detection and recognition

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