Face Verification Version 2 has the following features.

  • Support JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC and HEIF file and BASE64 format.

  • Image size of image should be at least 600 pixels width and 400 pixels height for a person and multiple people.

  • Image size must not exceed 2 Megabyte.

  • REST API server.

Recommendation for facial image and posture.

  • 32 pixels is the recommended minimal distance between eyes (IOD) for a face on a video stream to perform face template extraction reliably. 64 pixels or more recommended for better face recognition results. Note that this distance should be native, not achieved by resizing the video frames.

  • The face recognition engine is intended for usage with near-frontal face images and has certain tolerance to face posture:

    • head roll (tilt) – ±15 degrees;

    • head pitch (nod) – ±15 degrees from frontal position.

    • head yaw (bobble) – ±15 degrees from frontal position.

The following are all data in response.

  • The similarity score

  • The similarity result

  • The similarity score normalized

  • ​The threshold of similarity score

  • The threshold of similarity score normalized

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