🆕Thai National ID Card OCR and Signature Detection <Version 1.0>

Detect National ID Card and Signature from a Photocopied Paper.

Welcome to Thai National ID Card OCR and Signature Detection API, an AI product developed by iApp Technology Co., Ltd. Our API is designed to detect National ID Cards and recognize the text information printed on photocopied paper. In addition, our API can detect if there is a signature on the paper.

With advanced OCR technology, our API is able to recognize Thai characters and extract the relevant information with high accuracy. This makes it ideal for various use cases such as digitalizing ID card information, verifying user identity, and performing background checks.

We take privacy seriously, and our API is designed to keep your data secure. We do not store any information after processing and are GDPR and PDPA compliant.

Thank you for choosing iApp Technology Co., Ltd. as your AI APIs provider.

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