🌟Thai National ID Card OCR

Welcome to Thai National ID Card OCR API, version 3.5, an AI product developed by iApp Technology Co., Ltd. Our API is designed to extract text information from both the front and back face of Thai National ID card images with high accuracy and speed. Our API supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, HEIC, HEIF, and PDF file formats and can process an ID card image in 1-2 seconds.

In version 3.5, we have introduced new features that improve the accuracy, speed, and customization options of our API. Our new OCR engine has achieved an accuracy of 98.13% at the character level, and we have reduced the processing time from 3 seconds to 2 seconds per card. Additionally, we have added options to select API options on both sides, return bounding box and score of field card on the image in API response, return base64 image of card and field on card in image in API response, and return a specific status code when ID number is wrong in API response.

We take privacy seriously, and our API is GDPR and PDPA compliant, meaning no information is stored after processing.

For further information, please check the Features and the API Documentation pages.

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