Using PIP Python Package

iApp Technology just released a PIP Python Package on ASR.
For easing the python development using iApp AI API service, we have released the iapp_ai python pip package. It is the api client library for iApp AI API service for python.


$ pip install iapp_ai
Note: It can be either pip or pip3 depend on your environment.

Calling ASR API

# ASR API required an audio file path

Example Usages

import iapp_ai
# You can request API key at
apikey = 'XXXXX_Your_API_Key_XXXXX'
api = iapp_ai.api(apikey)
# ASR API required an audio file path
result = api.thai_asr_api('iapp_ai/media/data.wav').json()
# {
# 'text': 'ทดสอบทดสอบทดสอบครับผม'
# }

Full Example in Google Colabratory

Google Colaboratory
Full Example of iApp AI API in Google Colaboratory