Passive Liveness Detection has the following features.
  • The liveness check is performed by the face engine before feature extraction. If fails to qualify as "live", the features are not extracted.
  • Only one face should be visible
  • Colored images are required
  • 10 frames per second or better frame rate required
  • Better score is achieved when users do not move at all
  • 80 pixels is the recommended minimal distance between eyes (IOD) for a reliable performance (100 pixels or more recommended for smoother performance)
  • Analyzes certain facial features while the user stays still in front of the camera for a short period of time
  • The face should be still and the user has to look directly at the camera with ±15 degrees tolerances for roll, pitch and yaw to experience the best performance.
The following are all data in response.
  • The Liveness Score
  • The Liveness Result